VZ 61 Scorpion Stock Limiting/Disabling Device Kit

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This kit contains the necessary parts to preserve the look of a standard issue VZ61 by locking the folding stock in the closed position. This renders the stock only for an ornamental purpose. When installed, it is impossible to unfold the stock to the open position (without breaking the bracket) which would normally make it unlawful to possess in the USA. 

This kit includes:

-1 Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate Bracket
-1 Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate Spacer
-2 M4 .70 Machine Screws

Disclaimer: This kit contains everything you will need to limit the folding aspect of your VZ61 ASSUMING you already have the stock with its original hardware (one 2mm diameter pin and one very small pin. The small pin is optional as this kit should hold the 2mm pin securely by pressure fit) 
Tools needed:

- Center punch for knocking out the very small pin from your existing stock assembly
- Center punch for knocking out the middle 2mm pin from your existing stock assembly
- A hammer or mallet for tapping out and installing pins.