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Aluminum Rifle Mounts
I Have Seen Pictures of your mounts being used in vehicles will it work in mine?
Our mounts were designed for use on the wall. We quickly found that our customers were finding ways to mount their rifles anywhere they wanted. We even had a farmer mount their rifles to their tractor to help with coyote issues they were having. The function of our mounts will work anywhere in any orientation, however our disclaimer is that you assume the risk of damaging your firearm and mounting surface when used in non-standard and/or extreme ways (i.e: Exposing your firearm to the elements or aggressive movement/vibrations may result in damaging your firearm.)
What if I have kids at home?
There is no subsitiute for teaching gun safety and respect for a firearm at home. As an added measure, We have included an integrated inner chamber to allow you to run a standard firearm cable lock through the firearm and the mount locking them together, and therefore to the wall. This is a great alternitive to returning the firearem to your gun safe if you need additional security. With use of a lock you risk adding a longer response time in the event you need to quickly access your firearm. We reccomend using a number combination lock to eliminate the need for a key. 
How will I know if my specific rifle fits your mounts?
All of our mounts are based off of the exact dimensions of the most popular magazines on the market. If the large brand magazines fit your rifle (Magpul, Hexmag, etc...) Then it will be compatible our mounts as well. We guarentee our mount will work with your gun or your money back (See warranty details).
Why should I use your mounts over the cheap plastic ones on Amazon and other websites?
You get what you pay for. We are aware of the very cheap alternitives to our products. When we first started Alaskan Tactical we initially intended to 3D print our products out of polycarbonate plastic. We found out very quickly that plastic mounts should be reserved for display purposes only. Here are a few of the issues we found with plastic mounts which led us to pave the way into aluminum mounts:

-Most plastic mounts on the market do not utilize the magazine catch to allow mounting of the firearm in any orietation. The few that do will wear down and begin to fail after as few as a hundred cycles.
-No plastic mount can provide the same cosmetic apeal as anodized aluminum.
-Plastic injected mounts can easily be snapped off the wall with minimal pressure, especially when the mounted rifle can act as a handle for leverage.
-None of the plastic injected mounts have an integrated cable lock chamber to allow you to physically lock your rifle to the mount/wall. Even if they did they would still be easy to break off the wall. 
-Plastic is easy to cut or melt.
-Every plastic injected mount on the market we know of is made in China.
-None of the plastic mounts on the market are backed with a lifetime warranty, proabaly for a reason.
What good is my firearm if it's not stored loaded?
Each situation is different for every gun owner. Our mounts are designed to have a perfect combination of safety, security, rapid response and cosmetic appeal. For the best security a gun safe will always be your best option. For best rapid response you may want to keep your firearm fully loaded. When mounted your rifles BCG will be in the "locked back" position. Our magazine holder allows you to store your loaded magazine with your firearm. Combine the two and you will be able to load your magazine and release the bolt to fully chamber a round within 3 seconds. 

If you need a faster response, you might consider a safer neighborhood.
My new mount will slide into the magazine well but does not lock into the mag catch
This is a built in safety feature to ensure the user does not mount a firearm with a round in the firing postion. You must lock the bolt carrier group (BCG) back into place using the bolt catch lever before it will fully seat on the mount. This will prevent neglegent discharge. Some aftermarket brands of internal components for various firearms may still permit the user to fully mount the firearm without locking the BCG back. We strongly discourage mounting without fully unloading the firearm. Use at your own risk.
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