Magnetic Handgun Mount

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This magnetic handgun mount utilizes dual neodymium magnets to secure your gun to any flat surface. Popular applications include but are not limited to: cars, trucks, bedside tables, desks, and drywall. Optimal for concealing your handgun.

  • Frame built from high-strength ABS plastic to prevent scratches and wear to your slide. 
  • Magnets are covered with an anti-abrasive plate to prevent metal-to-metal contact.
  • End-stop ramps allow user to rack a round into the handgun by pressing the gun forward into the ramps.
  • Includes mounting hardware


To avoid drilling holes in plastic or wood, you can substitute the mounting hardware with double-sided tape. 3M red-film automotive grade tape works best.

This mount is universal and will hold most handguns. It works best with guns that have flat slides and are not rounded to provide more surface contact to the magnets.